It’s Fair Season

Tonight, after I get off from the University, I begin fair season. One of the companies I work for provides sounds services for various fairs in Tennessee. So while we aren’t real carneys, we certainly play that role through the middle of September. Now let’s get rid of the stereotypes about carneys:

  • They DO shower
  • They DON’T all steal and scam people
  • They are kind and respectful
  • They have families they love, sometimes they travel with them, sometimes they don’t.
  • They take care of each other while traveling, like family
  • The DON’T take crap from people that think they are better than them

Now, there’s can always be a bad seed, but generally speaking, I trust leaving my car open with the keys in it in their camp. They won’t let anything happen to it. Why? Because I’m respectful and kind to them, they are people doing a job just like the rest of us. Okay so hopefully you have somewhat opened your mind and we can move on.

Today one crew is loading equipment and getting it hauled to DeKalb County Fair. We’ll be setting up four stages/areas this year. These areas provide sound for pageants, bands, motor sports, livestock shows, and more. It should be a fun time, and it’ll be great to see our friends in DeKalb County, many that we only get to see during the fair season. More stories to come…stay tuned!