Are You The One?

Have you ever found the perfect job? Just browsing a website, or a company blog and the position is just right there. So out of curiosity you click on it, you’re reading the job description and it describes you perfectly. The skills they are looking for are the skills you have. The salary range is right, the benefits listed seem perfect. So you begin researching the company, there has to be something wrong with it.

While researching the company you notice the vision and mission statements are in line with your own professional goals. You click through the management team’s biographies and they seem like wonderful, interesting people. The location is close to home and would save time and money. Everything is literally perfect for you.

So you go back to the job description, and realize you skipped one little part…that is a deal breaker. It requires a degree. A degree you don’t have. A little piece of paper saying you sat through school and passed to possess the skills they are looking for. What about me?! I have those skills, I use them every. single. day.

It’s frustrating to someone who has worked hard to educate themselves to have the skills needed to obtain their ideal job, but they don’t have that paper. That stupid piece of paper that your ideal job requires.

Everyone in this position has a story, a reason they didn’t go to school or didn’t finish. It may be a perfectly acceptable reason to the perfect company with the perfect job for you, but they won’t hear it, they won’t even look at your resume.

People graduate from college every day who don’t have the sense to come out of the rain, not all of them, but they are out there. Doesn’t common sense and learned skills count for anything anymore?

So potential employer, my question is why? Why do you think that piece of paper is so important? Why wouldn’t you hear out a person who has every single skill set you are looking for, complete with recommendations from respectable, professional sources just because they don’t have a degree?

The truth is, I’ve started to get my degree four times, the first time I chose a management position in a full service restaurant (in charge of 70 employees) at just 18 years old, the second my Mom had a major car accident and I quit to take care of her, the third my husband at the time took the money that was to pay for my semester and used it elsewhere, and was not supportive of the time my two classes took away from the family, and finally I’m a single Mom with an already strapped budget, working three jobs to make ends meet. Every time life has happened.

It doesn’t mean I’m stupid, it just means that I prioritized my life differently than others have. I’m willing to make the sacrifice to learn what I’m supposed to learn from a degree, but I also have to be responsible for my bills, my work, and most importantly my child. I believe that shows another type of sacrifice that is beneficial to any potential employer. It shows loyalty, responsibility, and integrity. None of those are listed in the job posting, but don’t you consider those things important? They are parts of your mission statement, so I suspect you do.

I know you can post your job description however you want, and I also know you can choose whomever you want, I just wish you’d give me a chance.


~Perfect for the job, but you’ll never know

Blogging 101 Assignment for November 5, 2014


4 thoughts on “Are You The One?

  1. Very well said. It’s unfortunate that’s the way the world works, and so unfair to intelligent, skilled, hard-working people who simply don’t have a “piece of paper.” Life should hand out degrees.

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