Vacation. Not There!

Friday’s prompt asks where is the one place you would never want to go on vacation that other people seem to love?

Vacation. I’ve heard of that, I’ve even done that a time or two, but it’s been awhile. Weekend getaways are sort of my vacations anymore, but this is the blogosphere and I can go on a vacation anytime I want, to anywhere, without restrictions (you can too). Let that sink in.

Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Time off at work doesn’t matter…

Money doesn’t matter…(we’ll charge the blogosphere)

You have Mary Poppins to keep the kids…

And you even have the BEST pet sitter on the planet for the fur babies…

Yep. There. Now, where to go? What to do?

Let be honest by saying there is literally no where on the planet, I can think of, that I don’t want to go to, that everyone else loves. No where. I’m up for anything, there’s so much to see and do, all of which will be new to me, with great picture opportunities. The only way that I can possibly answer this one is sort of backwards (It’s expected from me).

I don’t like the beach. I love how it looks, smells, the sand between my toes, the beautiful scenery, but I don’t like the beach. Let me explain, I am allergic to salt water (the ocean), it makes me break out and it’s very painful. I’m willing to walk along the water as long as it stays below my knees. I still break out, but it’s not AS bad. Who wants to go to the beach and sit on the sand (or beach towel or beach chair) all day in the hot sun, and not get in the water? See now why it’s not my cup of tea?

I’ve shared what I DO like about the beach, and also why I don’t like it (seemingly indecisive). What do you like or not like about the beach? Share with me in the feedback.


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